Kachin Produktion – The Essential Vol.01 (2007-2012)

Release Date: 13-03-12

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01. Dark Dayz ft. Explicito, Alost & Tokie Konez
02. Chamber Danger ft. Men of Mayhem, Mr.Pigz, Animal Cracker, Mr.Phixit, S.P.O.D. & Vital
03. Black ft. Lt Mana, Gravestone Face & Dark Guerrilla Chato
04. Sekt Warriorz ft. Sekt 2nd Circle MCs (Remix by Kachin)
05 . Night Warriorz ft. 17 MCs
06 . Kloportes ft. Katha
07. Sik Mafakaz ft. Scoti Styles, Life Scientist & Labal-S (Guitars by Scoti Styles)
08. La Bruja Negra ft. Jauria
09. Sang d’Encre (Blood Ink) ft. Explicito, Katha, Mr. Hash & Nakmuay
10. Kold ft O.l.d. Astrdalong, The Jotaka & Shäena
11. Shaolin Juddaz Homiz ft. The Jotaka & Tarantino
12. Dead in ’94 ft. Life Scientist & Mr Pen
13. Underground Nation ft. Explicito & The Jotaka

All tracks produced by Kachin

Free download:

Kachin Produktion - The Essential Vol.01 (2007-2012)

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  1. The Jotaka says:

    The Master Kachin Dope Clasicks My Fam DEMONIOS SEKTA 1


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