Sekt Producers

– KWERVO (Belgium)

A raw underground Hip Hop producer who’s known for his versatility and dark melodic beats. One of the orginators of the Sekt. Check out more of his work on


– EXPLICITO (Mexico)

Known for his dark beats and trippy compositions. Also an emcee and brother of The Jotaka Perverse.

– KACHIN (France)

Hiphop/metal producer and one of the originators of the Sekt.


– LIGHTTOWN SHADOW (The Netherlands)

Striking from the shadows with his deadly Shaolin-style beats, Lighttown Shadow managed to mix his Wu-Tang influences with his preference for dark atmospheres.


Dark shaolin beats with heavy hitting drums.


– BİLGE KAĞAN (Turkey)

Formerly known as Ihtiram, this turkish producer, musician and vocalist mixes dark hip hop with metal.


– WORMX (Germany)

Dark hip hop beats at its finest.


– DJ JOON (France)

This producer/DJ has a real dark style on the productions and blends with any type of beat when it comes to his vicious cuts.



Melodic dark beats.


– HIGH CHIEF (France)

A dark hip hop producer and audio engineer.


– DJ COACH ONE (Germany)

Also known for his OvaSeas Movement, DJ Coach One has been producing beats and doing cuts for Sekt members for years.