Sekt Emcees


These 2 mexican brothers are the core of the Sekt and true underground legends who have worked with artists from all around the world. The Jotaka Perverse is known for his monsterous voice and playful flow, next to having done an incredible amount of tracks over the last years. Explicito has a real raw and agressive flow and is also known under his producer-name Sounds of the Soul.


– KATHA (France)

Katha is a french emcee with a poetic style and dark lyrics. His tracks are often agressive and wild, but also deep and melancholic.


– SAI (US/Ecuador)

Socio political emcee and AIM General (Check out SAI switches up spanish and english in his poetic lyrics that carry heavy messages.



Blasphemous and misanthropic rap from Mexico.



Brownlucci is a BMI/ Chubb Records writer, recording/performing artist. Born in East Los Angeles California, raised in the San Gabriel Valley La Puente. A founding member of the greater L.A. area hip-hop group DERTY UNIT & founder of PIRATE FLAGG MUSIC & MEDIA. Check out



Hardcore hip hop band from the french part of Belgium. Antifascist rebelious lyrics with dark beats and heavy guitars.


– CHILDISH (Seoul, South Korea)

Childish has been rocking the mic for eons it seems. His deep voice and even deeper lyrics transform songs into sometimes violent but always diverse landscapes. He is know for developing raps based off dark and interesting topics, and sometimes with a comical twist. Each line he writes is a heavy poem on its own that needs to be listened to multiple times.



RyPa has been hexing the mic since 1999. He is known for his brutal style of delivering the mind to its souls darkest corridor. He has evolved in the underground scene as one of hiphops most talented, yet infamous lyricists.


– ZONAH (Mexico)

Emcee and producer from Mexico, also known as Rhytmund Freud. Dark and deep lyrics and beats.


– H-ERRE (Mexico)

A raw hardcore emcee from Mexico City and member of the group Artificez.


– LETHAL P (Costa Rica)

Anathema Sumerian Dark Arts.



One of the most agressive emcees of the Sekt with a monsterous flow and sick wordplay. Delivers a message in a way you can’t escape from it, Dark Guerrilla Chato is a true guerrilla who is keeping the revolution alive.


– STYGMAT (Poland)

Consisting of emcees Młody Goh and Kozim, this hardcore rap crew from the southern part of Poland brings wicked flows and lyrics. Check out their website at


– JAURIA (Peru)

Hardcore Rap band. Members are Caniz and Kaedez.

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