The Jotaka Perverse and Katha – The JotaKatha (2012)

Release Date: 21-03-12

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01. Intro (Prod. LighttownShadow Cutz Dj Coach One)
02. JotaKatha (Prod. By Junior Makhno Cutz Dj Coach One)
03. Shadows (Prod. Sannyasin Cutz Dj Coach One)
04. Solo Con Mi Tristeza ft. Paula Medrano (Prod. Sounds Of The Soul a.k.a. Explicito)
05. Dance Of The Blind (Prod. Cleno Jovanni Cutz Dj Coach One)
06. Machine Gun (Prod. Kwervo Cutz Dj Coach One)
07. Devastation ft. Iron Menace, Tarantino & Ern Dawgy (Prod. LighttownShadow)
08. Fire (Prod. Optimystical Cutz Dj Coach One)
09. En Las Hogueras ft. Torner (Prod. Dj Joon)
10. Sektorz ft. Alost & Kachin (Prod High Chief & Guitare by Kachin)
11. Monstruos (Prod. Vice Versa)
12. Resos Perversos ft. Tarantino (Prod. By Kwervo)
13. At The Gates ft. Ihtiram & Alost (Prod. Kachin)
14. Bonus Track – Aztek Chamber ft. Enterprize, Zonah & Portarock (Prod. by Explicito)

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The Jotaka Perverse & Katha - The JotaKatha (2012)

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