OvaSeas Movement – World Domination LP (2011)

Release Date: 24-12-11

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01. Intro
02. Menace O.B.E.Z, Pure Doze, Johnny Bonano, Topas, J-Frog the Virus, The Jotaka, Verb & FUBAR – Real Movement
03. Topas, Peedy & Friends (ft. Zfon of Possession) – Niemand Ist Sicher
04. Overfighters, Dramah, FUBAR & The Jotaka – Legende
05. El-Roi, Verb, Topas, The Jotaka, Keas & J-Frog the Virus – The Barbarian Kings
06. FUBAR, Virus, Verb & All`in, Torner, Yut Pira Pura, Olko, Sick Since & Subcon5ience – Emergency
07. Bimes Ill, Dramah, The Jotaka, J-Frog The Virus, Rob Rod, Si-Klon & All’In – Nasty Bastards
08. Familiar Pira Pura & SubCon5ience (ft. Zfon of Possession & DJ Coach One) – Vai Ao
09. Topas, Dramah, All’In, SevenFire Phoenix, Milz, J-Frog the Virus, Pure Doze, The Jotaka, Jay, Johnny Bonano, Solit & Blade – Operation Neptune
10. Johnny Bonano, Topas, The Jotaka, J-Frog The Virus, Verb & Dramah – Hit ‘Em
11. Topas, KF77, Jay & Yut Pira Pura – Brak Le Hip Hop
12. Dramah, Virus, The Jotaka, Solit, Si-Klon, Onse, Tarantino & DJ Coach One – Undergroundprotector`s
13. All’In, Johnny Bonano, Topas, Yut Pira Pura, Jay, J-Frog the Virus, Solit, The Jotaka, Dizko Rame, SevenFire Phoenix – Ovaseas Movement
14. Onse, Torner, Verb, FUBAR & All’In – Quel Futur
15. The Jotaka, Topas, Dramah, Johnny Bonano, Blade & Yut Pira Pura – Take Care
16. FUBAR, The Jotaka, Odessa Jamez, Onse & All’In – Killer Priests
17. Johnny Bonano, The Jotaka & Familia Pira Pura – Everyday on the Streets
18. Menace O.B.E.Z, All’In & The Jotaka – This is War
19. Topas, Offensive Berlin & KF 77 – Who’s the Boss
20. Johnny Bonano, Topas, Verb, The Jotaka, Virus, Doze & All’In – Clap Your Hands for the Streets
21. 1st Blood Music Group – Ride Pose To (Knockoutking-Produktions)
22. Topas, Yut Pira Pura , The Jotaka & Sem Meia Verdade – Slum Soldiers
23. Pete Bull & DJ Coach One – Bring the Heat

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OvaSeas Movement - World Domination LP (2011)

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