Demonios Sekt – From North To South Of Hell Vol.03 (2011)

Release Date: 21-12-11

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01. Mente Insana ft. Explicito
02. Dark Voices ft. The Jotaka, Poetic Death and Explicito
03. Sang d’Encre (Blood Ink) ft. Explicito, Katha, Mr Hash and Nakmuay
04. Da Storm ft. The Jotaka , Tarantino, Kachin, Katha, Menace O.B.E.Z. (Cutz by DJ Coach 1)
05. Demon Swordz ft. 2nd Circle MCs
06. The 3 Headed Beast ft. Dark Guerrilla Chato, Ihtiram and Torner
07. Sekt and Destroy ft. Dark Guerrilla Chato, Lokogenes, Tarantino (Cutz by DJ Joon)
08. Akil Morgu ft. Ihtiram and Ohmhan
09. Hey Baby ft. Team O.B.E.Z. (Cutz by DJ Twisted)
10. Chapter 3 ft. Poetic Death, Mr Lif and Vida Killz (Cutz by DJ Top-1)
11. Shaolin Sekta ft. Fubar and La-Dog (Cutz by DJ Joon)
12. No Love ft. The Jotaka, Menace O.B.E.Z., Bimes Ill (Cutz by DJ Coach 1)
13. Faternal Order ft. Da Buze Bruvaz
14. Bottom of the Pyramid ft. Iguan and Ihtiram (Cutz by DJ Coach 1)
15. Frozen World ft. Explicito, Life Scientist and The Jotaka
16. Descendants of Darkness ft. Rypa and Explicito
17. Pussys Pussys ft. Verb and The Jotaka
18. Fuck em’ All ft. Niylus and Cadello
19. Trapped In Circles ft. Jauria
20. Undergroundprotector’s ft. Dramah, Virus, The Jotaka, Solit, Si-klon, Onse, Tarantino (Cutz by DJ Coach 1)
21. Architects of Chaos ft. Genocide Regime
22. Vuelve a Perder ft. Zonah
23. Weird Mannerisims ft. Verb

Tracks 1, 5, 9, 13, 17: Produced by Lighttown Shadow
Tracks 2, 6, 10, 14, 18: Produced by Kwervo
Tracks 3, 7, 11, 15, 19: Produced by Kachin
Track 4: Produced by Sounds Of The Soul
Track 8: Produced by Ihtiram
Track 12: Produced by The Soul Beat Assassinator
Track 16: Produced by DJ Joon
Track 20: Produced by DJ Coach 1
Track 21: Produced by IlluzivShadow
Track 22: Produced by Rhytmund Freud
Track 23: Produced by Norman Krates

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Demonios Sekt - From North To South Of Hell Vol.03 (2011)

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