FUBAR – Volcano Wakes Up! Vol. 1 (2011)

Release Date: 01-09-11

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01. Intro-Eruption [Beat by DJ Coach One]
02. Hapiness [Beat by Big Lucifer]
03. These Dangerous Streets (ft. Verb) [Beat by The Soul Beat Assassinator]
04. Not All There (ft. Big Decept, Kwote1 & Hutch Devill) [Beat by Denom]
05. Gabriel’s Orchestra (ft. Joey Menza & Hutch Devill) [Beat by Loose Cannon]
06. Be Afraid (ft. Flux & Parradox) [Beat by The Soul Beat Assassinator]
07. Grey Hairs [Beat by Loose Cannon]
08. Pyroclastic Flow (ft. Hutch Devill] [Beat by Big Lucifer]
09. Real Movement (ft. 1st Blood, Topas, J-Frog the Virus, The Jotaka & Verb) [Beat by DJ Coach One]
10. New Light (ft. Life Scientist & Verb) [Beat by Kachin]
11. House of 1000 Hatchets (ft. Him-Lo & Clever One ”Da Buze Bruvaz”) [Beat by Denom]
12. Kiss of Death (ft. Hutch Devill) [Beat by Stradivarius]
13. War Machines (ft. Joey Menza, Filthy Tarantino & Parradox) [Beat by Apoka]
14. The Last Battle (ft. Adlib) [Beat by Daryl Donald]
15. The Minotaur’s Maze [Beat by Oracle]

Tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 13: Cuts by DJ Coach One
Track 10: Cuts by DJ Joon

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FUBAR - Volcano Wakes Up Vol. 1 (2011)

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