Ihtiram and Ohmhan – Akil Morgu (EP) (2011)

Release Date: 25-08-11

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01. İhtiram & Ohmhan – Akıl Morgu
02. İhtiram & Ohmhan – Günah
03. İhtiram & Ohmhan – Kabus

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Ihtiram & Ohmhan - Akil Morgu (EP) (2011)

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10 thoughts on “Ihtiram and Ohmhan – Akil Morgu (EP) (2011)

  1. Nuri7 says:

    tek kelimeyle mükemmel yaw, Türkiyede bu tarzı görmek güzel

  2. YEĞEN says:

    aynen dayııııııııııııııııııııııııııı

  3. satan666 says:

    tam aradığım tarz, başarılar dilerim. #OHMHAN #İHTİRAM


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