Poetic Death and Kwervo – The Poet and The Raven Vol.1 (2014)

Release Date: 02-17-13

The Poet and the Raven Case

The Poet and the Raven FrontThe Poet and the Raven Back
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01. Hamlet
02. Chapter Two Ft.Vida Killz
03. Chapter Three Ft.Mr. Lif & Vida Killz (Cuts by DJ Top-1)
04. Apotheosis
05. Chapter Five
06. Chapter Six Ft.Vida Killz (Cuts by DJ Top-1)
07. Lonely Ones Ft.Katha, SAI, The Jotaka Perverse & Dark Guerrilla Chato
08. Vexed
09. Chapter Nine Ft.Vida Killz
10. Dark Voices Ft.The Jotaka Perverse & Explicito
11. Obsidian Beauty Ft.JMega
12. Dreamer Ft.Vida Killz
13. Raiiin Dropz Ft.Papa J (Cuts by DJ Starchild)
14. El Cukui Ft.Vida Killz
15. Diablo
16. Clochard Céleste Ft.Katha
17. Through My Window
18. Bad Seedz Ft.Katha, Life Scientist & Mighty Kalipssus
19. Seraphic
20. Underground Connectionz Ft.Kogeemo & The Jotaka Perverse (Cuts by DJ Joon)
21. Eshu’s Prophecy
22. Demonios World Ft.Demonios Sekt (Bonus Track)

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Poetic Death and Kwervo - The Poet and The Raven Vol.1 (2014)

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