Katha and Kwervo – The Dungeon (2013)

Release Date: 07-19-13

The Dungeon Case

The Dungeon Front Cover - by kachinThe Dungeon Back Cover - by kachin
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01. Enter The Dungeon (Intro)
02. The Dungeon ft. Explicito, Childish & Rypa
03. Kold Night ft. Sikadelik, Kachin, The Jotaka Perverse & Fubar
04. J’ai Beau Part 1
05. Alchimie ft. D-Cap
06. Clochard Céleste ft.Poetic Death
07. Half Nelson ft. Kwervo, SAI & Zonah
08. Assassins ft. Torner & Alpha Sigma
09. Dark Path ft. The Jotaka Perverse & Stygmat
10. Cold Thing ft. D-Cap
11. Doorway To Hell ft. Dark Guerrilla Chato & Lenguarmada
12. The Spell
13. Morbid Animal ft. D-Cap & DJ Twisted
14. J’ai Beau Part 2
15. L’Hiver
16. Bad Seedz ft. Life Scientist, Poetic Death & Mighty Kalipssus
17. Le Royaume Des Ombres
18. Mauvaises Pensées ft. DJ Twisted
19. Panic Room ft. D-Cap & Jauria

All tracks produced by Kwervo.

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