Onse and Sikadelik – Men of Shadows (2013)

Release Date: 06-18-13

Men of Shadows Case

Men of Shadows FrontMen of Shadows Back
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01. Intro (Prod Onse) (Cutz Dj Coach One)
02. Our Way (Prod. By Onse) – With music Video
03. Sadness (Ft. Lethal P, Sev & Dark Chamberz) (Prod Nyktophobia) (Cutz Dj Coach One)
04. Devorés par les ombres (Ft. Perfect K & SebLeChien) (Prod The soul beat assassinator)
05. Starving Of Hunger (Ft Traffimatics) (Prod Onse)
06. The World We Live In (Ft. Verb) (Prod Righteouz Knight)
07. Cold Of The Storm (Ft.Traffimatics & Rip TheRippa) (Prod Imperial Skillz Empera) (Cutz Dj Coach One)
08. Hommes de l’ombre esprits de lumière (Ft. Jotaka & Rob Rod) (Prod Jr Makhno)
09. Timeless (Ft. Fubar, Zo & Raw Profit) (Prod Righteouz Knight) (Cutz Dj Coach One)
10. Alone in the dark (Ft. el Inkisidor de la Hherejia) (Prod 2dDEEP)
11. Esprits de combattants (Ft. Supreme The Truth & Repthum) (Prod Daemon)
12. On The Rise (Ft. Torner & Life of evil people) (Prod By Kwervo)
13. La family (Ft Tee Ohw, Sev, Perfect K, Ath & Maxi Kagemusha) (Prod Nemesis )
14. Book Of Life (Ft Fubar)(Prod Amos The Ancient Prophet) (Cutz Dj coach one)
15. I Promise (Ft. Sev & Lethal P) (Prod Onse)
16. Time for destruction (Ft Dropé & Childish) (Prod Jr Makhno)
17. Never Ending Sufferance (Ft. Jotaka) (Prod By Daemon) (Cutz Dj Coach One)
18. Partir (Ft Hemera) (Prod Onse)

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