Childish – Triskaidekaphobia (2013)

Release Date: 05-12-13

Triskaidekaphobia (Case)

Triskaidekaphobia (Front Cover)Triskaidekaphobia (Back Cover)
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01. Intro (Prod. by Mono A)
Triskaidekaphobia (Cutz by DJ Coach One) (Prod. by Bayzhe)
02. Thirteen Stepz (Prod. by Mono A)
03. The Ballad of Darth Vader (Prod. by Habeas Corpus)
04. So Childish (Prod. by Gallo)
05. Ready or Not ft. Saul Goode & Jake Pains (Cutz by The One Russtafari) (Prod. by Scotty Soul)
06. Twin Shadowz Armegeddon ft. General X (Cutz by DJ Joon) (Prod. by Scotty Soul)
07. This Could Happen to you (Cutz by DJ Coach One) (Prod by Phlegm)
08. Cold ft. CJ Infinite (Prod. by Kwervo)
09. Here Cometh the King ft. Fubar & Alpha Sigma (Prod. by Phlegm)
10. Wash My Tears Away (Prod. by Mono A)
11. Jenny’s Song 2 (Prod. by Black Swan Audio)
12. Vincent Price Superstar ft. RyPa (Prod. by Drosvon)
14. Save Me (Prod. by Scotty Soul)

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Childish - Triskaidekaphobia (2013)

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3 thoughts on “Childish – Triskaidekaphobia (2013)

  1. Sidharth says:

    Damn the download just cancels, cuz the source file could not be read, heard the song, damn im th big fan


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