Sikadelik - Sinistre (2013)

Release Date: 02-27-13

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01. Intro
02. Thunder ft. All in (Prod by Dj Rhym’1, Cutz By Dj Coach One)
03. Intinct to kill ft. J Crawf (Prod. By Denson)
04. Lost Reality Ft. Rip Therippa & Onse (Prod. By Denson, Co – Prod & Cutz By DJ Coach One)
05. Forces Obscures Ft. Perfect K & The Jotaka (Prod. By Nemesis)
06. Six Ft. Fubar (Prod By Flag Captured, Co – Prod & Cutz By Dj Coach One)
07. The Bad Guys Ft. RIp TheRippa & Pete Bull (Prod by Alrounda , Cutz by Dj Coach One)
08. Apocalypse Ft, Cairo & Dj Coach One (Prod. By Denson)
09. Reign Of Blood Ft. Verb, C. Rae, Fubar, The Jotaka, All In & Blis Nemesis) (Prod. By APoka)
10. Game Of War Ft. Mystik (Prod. By Ear To The Beat)
11. Outro

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