Demonios Sekt – From North to South of Hell Vol.04 (2012)

Release Date: 21-12-12


Front Cover by KachinBack Cover by Kachin
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01. From The North – Intro
02. Mas Negro Que La Noche Ft. Lenguarmada, Alost, The Jotaka Perverse & Explicito
03. Sing To Survive Ft. Bimes Ill, Gamz & DJ Coach One
04. Pure Lyrics Ft. Menace OBEZ, Sha & The Jotaka Perverse
05. Black Christmas Ft. The Jotaka Perverse
06. Facing Death Ft. Fubar, Skull Bludgeon, Progravestone Face & Life Scientist
07. Tenebroso Ft. The Jotaka Perverse & Bilge Kagan
08. Es La Hora Ft. Lenguarmada, SAI, The Jotaka Perverse, Morning Star & DJ Coach One
09. L’horizon Ft. Katha
10. Dark Streets Ft. Hakiki Bela, Portarok, The Jotaka Perverse, Azrael , Da Sun of Sam & Menace OBEZ
11. 4th Circle Anthem Ft. Infeck, Verb & Sikadelil
12. Take It Again Ft. Menace OBEZ, Da Sun of Sam & Fubar
13. Mind Of The Psycho Ft. The Jotaka Perverse, Lenguarmada & DJ Twisted
14. Sombrios Dias Ft. Explicito, One Man Army, Amos, Buyaka San & Joey Menza
15. Barbarian Breath Ft. Skull Bludgeon, Icabod Chang & Curtus Lamountain
16. Shadow Attack Ft. BattleGeist
17. Bum Rush Ft. Icabod Chang, Vice Versa, The Fact & Manorizm
18. Dark Ninja Assassinators Ft. Verb, Fubar & DJ Coach One
19. The Punishers Ft. The Jotaka Perverse, Morning Star, Zonah, Visel MC & Rob Rod
20. Mexicanos Sekt Demonios Ft. Lenguarmada & The Jotaka Perverse
21. Caminos A La Obscuridad Ft. Ascian, The Jotaka Perverse & DJ Coach One
22. Cueva Del Lobo Ft. SAI
23. Fresnos Sektorz Remix Ft. The Jotaka Perverse, All In, Verb & Jay
24. El Final Ft. Rip Claw, Mestre Piko, Alpha Sigma, Childish, Portarok, Spawn & DJ Twisted
25. A Demonios Life – Outro – Ft. Alost

Tracks 1, 6, 9, 11, 15, 20, 25: Produced by Kachin
Tracks 2, 8, 12, 14, 24: Produced by Explicito
Tracks 3, 18: Produced by The Soul Beat Assassinator
Tracks 4, 21: Produced by High Chief
Tracks 5, 13, 16, 19, 22: Produced by Kwervo
Tracks 7, 10: Produced by Lighttown Shadow
Track 17: Produced by DJ Joon
Track 23: Produced by DJ Coach One

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Demonios Sekt - From North To South Of Hell Vol.04 (2012)

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2 thoughts on “Demonios Sekt – From North to South of Hell Vol.04 (2012)


    MUCH RESPECT TO MY FAMS I am proud to belong to this cigar sekta demons united pure pure pure real crazy artist at heart that sekta alive after death until it sounded

  2. Sandile Graham says:

    It’s always awesome hearing your new stuff guys! I like I like I like!!!!


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