The Jotaka Perverse and Phoenicz – The Campaign of The Devil (LP) (2012)

Release Date: 31-07-12

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01. Intro The Devil’s Campain ft. All In (Cutz by Dj Coach One)
02. Executions ft. All In, Pete Bull & Caniz (Cutz By Dj Coach One)
03. Te Dispara ft. Cheyenne (Cutz by Dj Coach One)
04. El Rebombar ft. Verb (Cutz by Dj Coach One)
05. MalPasado ft. GNZ & Seraph Guard (Cutz By Dj Coach One)
06. Bitches ft. Mrchy (Prod. Foggy Fogosh Cutz Dj Coach One)
07. Campaign Devil ft. Verb (Cutz By Dj Coach One)
08. Mi Pensamiento Oculto ft. Lacro & Fubar (Cutz Dj Coach One)
09. Tintas Rimas Altas ft. Iguan (Cutz By Dj Coach One)
10. Jazz Life Hussle ft. Johnny Bonano & Onse (Cutz By Dj Coach One)
11. Phoenix Ashes ft. Fubar (Cutz By Dj Coach One)
12. Hells Field (Cutz By Dj Coach One)
13. Alucina ft. Bimes Ill (Cutz By Dj Coach One)
14. Sepultura ft Loko (Cutz Dj Coach One)
15. Destella ft. Yut Pira Pura, Perfect K & Epycentro (Cutz Dj Coach One)
16. Outro

All tracks produced by Phoenicz, unless stated otherwise.

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The Jotaka Perverse & Phoenicz - The Campaign of The Devil (LP) (2012)

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6 thoughts on “The Jotaka Perverse and Phoenicz – The Campaign of The Devil (LP) (2012)

  1. Panóplia says:

    Muito bom o Disco de The Jotaka, parabéns pela performance, mandou bem nas rimas, as batidas também são bastante locas, curti de mais seu CD, parabéns novamente…
    Só Força!

    Panóplia, Brasil!

  2. Sandile Enigmatic says:

    DEMONIOS LOCOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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