FUBAR and DJ Coach One – Blood Trail (2012)

Release Date: 18-05-12

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01. Blood Trail (Intro)
02. Stark Raving Mad (ft. Verb, Dramah & RyPa)
03. Quel Futur (ft. Onse, Torner, Verb & All’In)
04. Raw Egg (ft. Menace O.B.E.Z.) (Guitar Version)
05. Castle of Corpses (ft. Katha, Treviso & All’In)
06. Legion of the Possessed (ft. Topas, Simon 50 & El-Roi)
07. Killer Priests (ft. The Jotaka, Odessa Jamez, Onse & All’In)
08. Death Cometh (ft. Johnny Bonano, All’In, Klep T.O, Killer Falcon & J-Frog the Virus)
09. Happiness (Remix)
10. Not All There (ft. Decept, Kwote1 & Hutch Devill) (Remix)
11. Minotaur’s Maze (Remix)
12. Gabriel’s Orchestra (ft. Joey Menza & Hutch Devill) (Remix)
13. Pyroclastic Flow (ft. Hutch Devill) (Remix)
14. The Last Battle (ft. Adlib) (Remix)
15. Nomadic Tribesmen (Remix) (ft. Verb & Katha)
16. Suicidal Tendencies (Remix) (ft. Joey Menza & Baby Jayne)
17. Voices for Creative Violence (Remix) (ft. Skull Damage)
18. Skull Crush (Remix)

All tracks produced by DJ Coach One

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FUBAR - Blood Trail (2012)

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