The Jotaka Perverse and Verb – Ufff Vol. 1 (2011)

Release Date: 31-10-11

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01. Intro (Prod. Sounds Of The Soul)
02. Pussys Pussys (Prod. Lightown Shadow)
03. Just To Understand (Prod. Nakmuay)
04. Violento Trayecto (Prod. High Chief)
05. Logical Vs Criminal (Prod. Junior Makhno)
06. Demonika Life (Prod. Kachin)
07. Catacombo Pt. 2 (Prod. Sounds Of The Soul)
08. Cuando Se Dispara (Prod. The Soul Beat Assassinator Cutz Dj Coach One)
09. More and More ft. Onse (Prod. Antraz)
10. Puppets ft. Mental Telepathy (Prod. Kwervo)
11. Relampago Siniestros ft. Tarantino (Prod. Wormx)
12. Shut Down Shop ft. T-Nyce (Prod. Dj Joon)
13. Swirl All Around The World (Prod. Ebon)
14. Pueblos Embrujados (Prod. Mc Ukay)
15. Dont Speak On Me (Prod. Mr.Mamadou)
16. The Other Side (Prod. Nakmuay)
17. Castelo Assombrado (Prod. Fndaf)
18. Wars On (Prod. & Cutz DJ Coach One)
19. Demonios Horizon (Prod. Horrorology)
20. Dark Beast ft. Fubar (Prod. Mualansky Cutz Dj Coach One)
21. Insanity (Prod. Best Quality)
22. Bonus Track – Tu Execute (Prod. Dj Chazm)

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The Jotaka Perverse & Verb - Ufff Vol. 1 (2011)

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