Filthy Tarantino’s – Death Sampler (2011)

Release Date: 24-06-11

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01. Call Me Filthy T (Prod. by Soulseller Beats)
02. Army Of Darkness Ft. Iron Menace and O-Beast (Prod. by Mir The Bloody)
03. Filth Ft. Larry Flint, Grime, Iron Menace and O-Beast (Prod. by Larry Flint)
04. End Of Days Ft. Iron Menace and O-Beast (Prod. by Blunted Sultan)
05. Nobody Likes Me [remix] Ft. Iron Menace (Prod. by Soulseller Beats)
06. No Minds Alike Ft. Sireal, Quince and Iron Menace (Prod. by Ill Literacy)
07. Sombrios Dias Ft. Explicito (Prod by Existence Beat Maker)
08. In My Veins Ft. Fortunato (Prod by Soulseller Beats)
09. Resos Perversos Ft. The Jotaka and Katha (Prod. by Kwervo)

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Filthy Tarantino - Death Sampler (2011)

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