Mortal Kombo – To Kill And Be King (2011)

Release Date: 25-04-11

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01. Kneel Before Your Master
02. Sword & Sorcery
03. Cupz Of Blood (ft. Fade2Dead)
04. Dammed Soulz
05. Flying Guillotinez (ft. The Jokata)
06. Evil Ritez (ft. Timmy)
07. Cybernetic & Venomouz
08. To Kill And Be King (ft. Rawgitt Sunn, Fade2Dead, Timmy, The Jokata)
09. The Devilz Minionz
10. Dark Concquest (ft. Fade2Dead)
11. Punk Buster (ft. The Jokata)
12. Godz (ft. The Jokata)
13. Blood Of The Innocentz (ft. The Jokata, Ascian)
14. Battle Dartz (ft. Joker)
15. Twisted Mindz
16. Eternal Supremacy

All tracks produced by The Soul Beat Assassinator.

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Mortal Kombo - To Kill And Be King (2011)

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