Demonios Sekt - Sekta (2016)

September 9th, 2016 | By admin

Release Date: 09-09-16


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01. Intro (Prod. By Bilge Kagan)
02. Hablame Ft. Rhytmund Freud, The Jotaka Perverse,TxVxMxOxRx & Lethal P [Prod. by Kwervo]
03. El Camino Ft. Katha, Lethal P, SAI, TxVxMxOxRx, Rob Rod, The Jotaka Perverse & Brownlucci [Prod. by Explicito]
04. Armas Pesadas Ft. SAI, The Jotaka Perverse, Rob Rod & Acherre [Prod. by The Soul Beat Assassinator]
05. Malicia Ft. Alpha Sigma, The Jotaka Perverse, Acherre, Enemy Rebellion, Katha & DJ Joon [Prod. by Explicito]
06. Panic Room Ft. RyPa, Mlody Goh & Acherre [Prod. by Kachin]
07. Kill Silence Ft. Sanboy, SAI, RyPa, D-Cap, Acherre, Alpha Sigma, The Jotaka Perverse, Childish, TxVxMxOxRx, Katha, Rob Rod & Rhytmund Freud [Prod. by Co Studio Tortuga]
08. Take It Back Ft. Menace Obez, SAI, Supreme Sniper, Explicito & DJ Joon [Prod. by Kwervo]
09. Maldita Tentacion Ft. The Jotaka Perverse, Rhytmund Freud & Acherre [Prod. by Explicito]
10. Bestias De Corazon Ft. TxVxMxOxRx, SAI, The Jotaka Perverse, Rob Rod & Katha [Prod. by Kwervo Cutz Dj Joon]
11. Black Sheep Ft. Routiger Slob, Tokie Konez & Capital X [Prod. by DJ Joon]
12. Revelaciones Ft. The Jotaka Perverse, Graveface, Saer, Lord 360 & Rob Rod [Prod. by The Soul Beat Assassinator]
13. Solo Ft. Bilge Kağan & Katha [Prod. by Bilge Kağan]
14. Riderz Of Doom Ft. Acherre, Geist, SAI & Brownlucci [Prod. by Kwervo]
15. Cuervo A Pleno Vuelo Ft. The Jotaka Perverse & Rob Rod [Prod. by Explicito]
16. Raw Flesh Ft. The Jotaka Perverse, D-Cap & RyPa [Prod. by Kwervo]
17. Los Chaparros Ft. SAI, The Jotaka Perverse & Explicito [Prod. by Explicito]
18. Cuando Sangro Surgen Ft. The Jotaka Perverse & Rob Rod [Prod. by Soul Beat Assassinator]

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5 Responses

  1. TAKASHI says:


    I want a T-shirt of DEMONIOS SEKT and a hooded parka.

    How much is there a kind?
    When buying it, would you send to Japan?

    tank you !

  2. Balrog says:

    Sadly, the download isn’t working 🙁

  3. edwardheyman says:

    I can not download your free album’s what must I’d to download to get the album

  4. BloodyBeat says:

    do you restore that album to download ?? Please 🙂

    6SE6KTA6 !!!!!!!

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