Demonios Sekt – Circles (2011)

Download our album by Demonios Sekt producers, Lighttown Shadow a.k.a. I.D.C., Kwervo a.k.a. Hellbound, Mir the Bloody and Kachin. Worldwide features by The Jotaka, Explicito, D-Cap, Life scientist, Bizzy, Katha, Zonah, Dramah, Torner, Jago, Sai, Tarantino, Iron Menace, O-Beast, Scoti Styles, Labal S, Noodles, Mad Dukes, Verb, Destiny Lab, LT Mana, Gravestone Face, Dark Guerilla, Chato, Him-Lo, Matt Maddox, Lost order of the Ancients, Misguided, Gravespace, Det the Bomb, Basci, Jenkinz, Das C and s.A.I.D.. With Cuts by DJ Joon and DJ Coach One! … Continue readingDemonios Sekt – Circles (2011)

I.D.C., Hellbound and Kachin – From North To South Of Hell (2009)

Download our album produced by I.D.C. from the Netherlands, Hellbound aka Kwervo from Belgium and Kachin from France, and features by El Fidel (USA), 007 (USA), Mad Dukes (USA), TKC (USA), l’Iguan (France), Life Scientist (USA), Explicito (Mexico), Sneakyness (USA), Nameless (USA), Animal Cracker (USA), The Fact (USA), Manorizm (USA), Icabod Chang (USA), D-Cap (Turkey/Belgium), Vega X (USA), DJ Twisted (France), El Cantinero (Greece/Canada), The Jotaka (Mexico), Nekrozis (Mexico), Zonah (Mexico), Tokie Konez (New Zealand), Mr.Pigz (USA), Mr.Phixit (USA), S.P.O.D. (USA), Vital (USA), Nomad (USA), Mister Pen (USA) & Hellz Inc. (Scotland). … Continue readingI.D.C., Hellbound and Kachin – From North To South Of Hell (2009)