Demonios Sekt – Circles (2011)

Release Date: 08-04-11

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01. Bizzy – The Demonios Circles Intro (Cuts by DJ Coach One)
02. Demonios Sekt 2nd Circle – Smoke Bein Broke
03. Jago – Futuro Inesperado
04. Kachin and Sai – Bohemian Life
05. Filthy Habits and O-Beast – Army Of Darkness
06. The Jotaka, Scoti Syles and Explicito – The Awakening (Guitars by Scoti Styles)
07. Scoti Styles, Life Scientist and Labal-S – Sik Mafakaz (Guitars by Scoti Styles)
08. Noodles and Mad Dukes – Elevators
09. Torner, Sai and Verb – Freedom (Cuts by DJ Joon)
10. Destiny Lab – Don’t Hesitate
11. LT. Mana, Gravestone Face and Dark Guerrilla Chato – Black
12. Him-Lo – Barbarian Fist
13. Matt Maddox and D-Cap – The Last Laugh
14. Lost Order of the Ancients – Ascension
15. The Jotaka and Explicito – La Jungla Concreto
16. Him-Lo – Bodegaz Rapz
17. Katha, The Jotaka and Tarantino – Resos Perversos
18. Misguided and Katha – Crucifixion (Cuts by DJ Joon)
19. Gravespace – Choppin’ Headz
20. Det the Bomb and Life Scientist – Forest Of Shadows
21. Basci, Life Scientist, D-Cap, Jenkinz, Das C, S.A.I.D., Explicito and The Jotaka – Demon Sound (Cuts by DJ Coach One)
22. The Demonios Circles Outro

Worldwide features by The Jotaka, Explicito, D-Cap, Life scientist, Bizzy, Katha, Zonah, Dramah, Torner, Jago, Sai, Tarantino, Iron Menace, O-Beast, Scoti Styles, Labal S, Noodles, Mad Dukes, Verb, Destiny Lab, LT Mana, Gravestone Face, Dark Guerilla, Chato, Him-Lo, Matt Maddox, Lost order of the Ancients, Misguided, Gravespace, Det the Bomb, Basci, Jenkinz, Das C and s.A.I.D.. With Cuts by DJ Joon and DJ Coach One.

Tracks 1, 5, 10, 14, 18, 21: Produced by MIR The Bloody Beatmaker (Portugal)
Tracks 3, 8, 12, 16, 19: Produced by I.D.C. aka Lighttown Shadow (Netherlands)
Tracks 2, 6, 9, 13, 17: Produced by Hellbound aka Kwervo (Belgium)
Tracks 4, 7, 11, 15, 20, 22: Produced by Kachin (France)

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Demonios Sekt - Circles (2011)

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11 thoughts on “Demonios Sekt – Circles (2011)

  1. DAS C says:


    THE C

  2. THE JOTAKA says:

    yooooo my big fam demonios sekt is the best music from the fuckin heart is real dark lifeeeeeeee puroooo DEMONIOS SEKT FOREVAAAAA CABRONES UNDERGROUND 1

  3. mr mousie says:

    Very good shit broders viva Mexico cabrones saludos desde cd juarez jotaka , explicito mis respetos

  4. ENBS says:

    ARTILLERIA PESADA!!! The real Underground Kingz! Saludos des Brasil

  5. 1 says:

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