FUBAR - Volcano Wakes Up! Vol. 2 (2012)

February 2nd, 2012 | By admin

Release Date: 02-02-12

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01. Intro-Eruption 2 [Prod. by DJ Coach One] – Cutz by DJ Coach One
02. Gallery of Death [Prod. by Pie Three Fourteen]
03. Keepin’ It Dirt (ft. Verb, Joey Menza & DC the Truth) [Prod. by MHandBack]
04. La Danza De La Muerte (ft. The Jotaka & Rob-Rod) [Prod. by Fndaf]
05. Death Row (ft. Lacro) [Prod. by High Chief]
06. Death Defiant (ft. Dark Guerilla Chato & Animal Cracker) [Prod. by Illuzivshadow] – Cutz by DJ Joon
07. Good Old Days (ft. Onse & The Jotaka) [Prod. by Jr. Makhno] – Cutz by DJ Coach One
08. Emergency (ft. J-Frog the Virus, Verb, All’in, Torner, Yut Pura Pira, Olko, Sick Since & Subcon5ience) [Prod. by DJ Coach One] – Cutz by DJ Coach One
09. Run For Ya Life (ft. Treviso & Vice tha Savage) [Prod. by Deadman Walking]
10. Mind Agility (ft. Fat Ross & Flux) [Prod. by MeloMental]
11. Dark Beast (ft. The Jotaka & Verb) [Prod. by Mualansky] – Cutz by DJ Coach One
12. Nomadic Tribesmen (ft. Verb & Katha) [Prod. by Apoka] – Cutz by DJ Coach One
13. Skull Crush [Prod. by Wisf Beatmaker] – Cutz by DJ Coach One
14. Strugglin’ (ft. Menace O.B.E.Z., The Jotaka, Onse, Zonah & Filthy Tarantino) [Prod. by Righteouz Knight]
15. Legende (ft. The Overfighters, Dramah & The Jotaka) [Prod. by DJ Coach One] – Cutz by DJ Coach One
16. Secrets (ft. Baby Jayne & Onse) [Prod. by Geza]
17. Sword Choice (ft. Mr. Coronas, Xyston of War Generalz & Gutmistrz Drahuda) [Prod. by MHandBack]
18. Shaolin Sekta (ft. La Dog) [Prod. by Kachin] – Cutz by DJ Joon
19. Dark Soul (ft. The Jotaka & Hutch Devill) [Prod. by Poison Mind]
20. Nature of the Beast (ft. Treviso, DC the Truth & Chrismoke) [Prod. by ClauztrufoBEATZ] – Cutz by DJ Coach One
21. Suicidal Abyss (ft. Joey Menza & Baby Jayne) [Prod. by Beny Assassin] – Cutz by DJ Coach One
22. Demon Swordz (ft. Katha, RyPa, Life Scientist, The Jotaka & Dark Guerrilla Chato) [Prod. by Lighttown Shadow]
23. Voices for Creative Violence (ft. Skull Damage & Flux) [Prod. by The Soul Beat Assassinator] – Cutz by DJ Coach One
24. Smoke That Shark (ft. Katha & Iguan) [Prod. by High Chief] – Cutz by DJ Twisted
25. The Staff of Oblivion (ft. Kwote1 & Hutch Devill) [Prod. by Manu Beats] – Cutz by DJ Coach One
26. My Mansion (ft. The Oracle) [Prod. by The Oracle]

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