Demonios Sekt - The 3rd Circle (2011)

June 13th, 2011 | By admin

Release Date: 13-06-11

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01. Death Clock (Feat.Explicito, Jotaka, Dramah, Katha, Rob Rod & DJ Coach One)
02. Koma (Feat.Ihtiram)
03. Attika Addicts (Feat.Animal Cracker, Icabod Chang, Manorizm & Nomad)
04. Sektorz (Feat.Katha, The Jotaka & Kachin)
05. Espiritu Beliko (Feat.Zonah)
06. Everday Hustle (Feat.1St Blood, The Jotaka & Topas)
07. Buddah (Feat.Scoti Styles & DJ Blackout)
08. Army of Wicked (Feat.Dark Guerrilla Chato & The Jotaka)
09. Perversos Demonios (Feat.The Jotaka, Life Scientist, Poetic Death & DJ Coach One)
10. A Silent Sorrow (Feat.Versos)
11. Almas Cautivas (Feat.Explicito & The Jotaka)
12. Sansür (Feat.Ihtiram)
13. Night Walkers (Feat.Coach One, The Jotaka & D-Cap)
14. Psycho Killas (Feat.Noodles, The Jotaka, Tarantino, ShukranBogAllah & Killa Milla)
15. Just Another Day In The Trenches (Feat.BattleGeist)
16. The Flying Guillotine (Feat.Mortal Kombo & The Jotaka)
17. Ambiance Electrique (Feat.Koobilai, Life Scientist & Kun’High)
18. Penuria (Feat.Dramah & Zonah)
19. Alone In The Dark (Feat.Katha & DJ Blackout)
20. Samurai (Feat.Marwa, Lysy & DJ Coach One)
21. Tales From The Dark Side (Feat.The Jotaka, Katha, Torner & Rob Rod)

Tracks 1, 14: Produced by Sounds of the Soul
Tracks 2, 12: Produced by Ihtiram
Tracks 3, 17: Produced by DJ Joon
Tracks 4 11: Produced by High Chief
Tracks 5, 18: Produced by Rhythmund Freud
Tracks 6, 13: Produced by DJ Coach One
Tracks 7, 19: Produced by Norman Krates
Tracks 8, 20: Produced by Mental Ambassador
Tracks 9, 16: Produced by The Soul Beat Assassinator
Tracks 10, 15: Produced by Illuzivshadow
Track 21: Produced by Underconstruct

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5 Responses

  1. Explicito says:

    Uuuuufffff!!!…. Big up my Familia!!!…DEMONIIOS SEKT 4EVER!!!!!!!

  2. The Jotaka Perverse says:

    Hell Yeahhhh Demonios Sekt Is The Fuckin Best 1love My Fam

  3. thanks, but I doubt it, this album is beyond circles and is a continuation or something?

  4. Jackson says:

    The “Circles” album was produced entirely by the 1st Circle beatmakers, Kachin, Mir The bloody, Kwervo and Lighttown Shadow. This “The 3rd Circle” album is an entirely new album, produced by the 3rd Circle beatmakers and features a bunch of 2nd and 4th circle artists.

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